48 hours to write, shoot, edit and score a film… didn’t break a sweat!  We got it done with 2 minutes to spare!

My first 48 Film Project was an amazing experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Friday night we pulled a genre out of a bag and they gave us a line of dialogue, a character name, a prop and 48 hours to return with a finished film.

Our team spent an hour brainstorming ideas and by midnight our director had written a great script.

Kick off party at McDonough’s Irish bar

Saturday was for shooting.  We shot our film with an iphone…

iPhone set up during our on location lighting test.

It was a lot of fun to play with something new.  We had a mini dolly system set up for it and everything.  The film has a lot of great movement.  Bear Brown, our DP is writing an article on his iPhone system and I will post a link as soon as it’s ready for those of you interested in the set up.

We worked with a great cast and crew.

Photo Credit – Tyler Marion

Photo Credit – Tyler Marion

Photo Credit – Tyler Marion

Saturday went off without a hitch and then it was all down to the editing…

We had a cut-off of 4pm.  Whatever we had edited by then we would create a back up file and keep on keeping on until the time was up.  We had until 7:30.  If we handed in our film at 7:31 it would be disqualified.

The last two hours were amazing!  We were all sharing ideas for the edit and with 45 minutes to go we started cleaning up the sound and once that was loaded we had to render it… oh my watching it render.  Worse than watching paint dry.  The time is ticking, we have 18 minutes left on the clock when we started transferring the file to the thumb drive… 2 minutes in and the thumb drive gets knocked out and BAM we need to restart the transfer and the clock is still ticking…I get the car ready.  I’m literally stopped in the middle of the street with my foot on the break.  Cars are driving past giving me that irritated look like they don’t know I have a perfectly good reason for being parked in the middle of the street.  Jae, our director, runs out with the thumb drive and we make our way to the pub.  We can almost see the place when we’re stopped at a red light…Bear is standing outside waiting for us… I almost turned down a one way street but opted for the shop next door… it was a jump out with the door open kind of hand off… epic, nerve racking and perfect!

My heart was racing for a couple hours afterward… I seriously love those moments!

Peace in,

PS:  I’ll put up a link to the film once it’s been screened through the 48 hour film project and we have clearance.

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