I like the idea of naming my favorite things.  I come by it honestly.  My parents named all our chesterfields (sofas).  The most memorable was Harry.  I don’t know how “he” got the name or who named him but ole Harry was trimmed in wood and was ivory with brown flowers… doesn’t it sound lovely?

My husband’s family never named anything and we don’t tend to name our ‘co-owned by marriage’ things.  We do have fun naming other people’s things.  Like the guy that used to live in the apartment above our house in Nashville… his truck was named Blue Thunder and our custom made couch that belong to his brother is named Morticia.

Our One Of A Kind - Morticia

My friend and fellow Canadian Belle, Lauren Lapoint gives names to all her music instruments.  I love that!  I’ve even met a few.  Please check out her music, she is fantastic!

Another friend dropped down one weekend to visit with her fancy pink bicycle which she also named.  It inspired me to want a bike, which I’ve already named Stella and now I’m having a heck of a time finding a bike worthy of the name.

I haven’t named my guitar but I did name my violin Marilyn because of it’s sexy curves.

My Sexy Violin

Lately I’ve been finding it hard to name things.  I often struggle to name my art.  Some times it takes me longer to name a piece than to actually create it.

Now here is where it gets really interesting.

We’ve agreed to get little miss Peyton a dog this summer.  She wants to name it Ivy.  I said she couldn’t name it Ivy because we are getting a boy dog.  I suggested Ernest and we could nick name him Ernie, but she said no.  Peyton then countered with Spot.  I absolutely refuse to have a dog named Spot, which created a whole shit storm of tears over a dog we don’t even have yet!!!

Jeff suggested T-bone.  Which I love for a little papillon ankle-biter we have our sights on, but Peyton says she doesn’t like it.  I think 2 votes beats 1 so….

I told this story to my friend Natasha and she laughed because she said you can’t name a dog until you get it.  You need  to make sure the name fits.  She probably has a point.  Maybe if I had held off on naming my bike I would have had one by now.

Don't you agree that T-bone is the perfect name for a puppy like this?


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