One of the first things I learned about myself in art school was that I am a visual learner.  Visual learners do well with power points, graphs and diagrams.  We tend to doodle and create visual connections in our notes.  When I study I try to remove other visual distractions and use timelines and cue cards to memorize dates and data.  Its an active way to learn — even our lecture classes involve field trips and hands on projects.

And this is where the last day of my Gothic Art and Architecture class comes in.  I have always been fascinated with the medieval period.  I think a little bit of my soul holds memories from that era and I was really excited to take this class.  We studied illuminated manuscripts, sculptures and the amazing Gothic cathedral. We also looked at castles and medieval warfare machinery.

NOVA Trebuchet in Lockness Scotland

The Counterweight Trebuchet (click here for pronunciation) was a siege weapon primarily used during the medieval period.  It was basically a giant sling shot or catapult that launched large projectiles at enemy fortifications.  After watching a NOVA documentary on the building of a trebuchet, the entire class became fascinated with the development of this weapon.  On the last day, a classmate brought in a working model and we spent an hour or so trying to take out an architecture model we salvaged from the trash.

Here was our result…

I have I mentioned how much I love art school…

Peace in,


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