Mother-in-laws are a whole different kind of breed of mother!

The first time I met my future Mother in law was on a stop over from Nashville to Savannah.  Since there was no indication that I would ever see these people again I felt no need to impress and had no feelings of anxiety that would seem normal in a ‘meet the parents’ setting.  During the four hour drive to Atlanta Jeff tried explaining his mom to me through a litany of descriptions and finally said, “she’s Blanche Dubois meets Lucille Ball”.

I can’t remember the image I had in my mind just before I met her, but I do remember thinking here is a boy that knows his mama, OK I didn’t say mama, but 10 years in the South will do that do your memory!

My MIL, calls me DIL, not the pickle but Daughter In Love and she asked for a piece of art some time ago. It wasn’t until I found this incredible vintage tear drop overnight bag that I knew exactly what I wanted to do for her.

blanch dubois meets lucille ball meets vintage suitcase

Blanch Dubois Meets Lucille Ball

Peace In!

PS: I hope you all have found a cheerleader and a friend in your MIL too!!!

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4 Responses to Blanche Dubois Meets Lucille Ball Meets Vintage Suitcase

  1. Bunkie Burke Rivkin says:

    Thank you my beautiful, talented daughter in love for my incredible piece of art.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Tami, you are a huge talent. Beautiful! I love your description of her. You are blessed to have such a MIL. Fortunately, I won’t tell you about mine since my mama always said, “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.” :)

    But knowing Bunkie, you got a great one. Love the piece of luggage-what a great canvass for your find art.

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