I love working with beeswax.

There is a whole genre of art called Encaustic, where pigments are added to beeswax to create a liquid / paste type of medium that is then applied to a surface for painting.  This isn’t really what I do.  I use beeswax to seal my pieces.  I love the creamy whimsical look it gives to the art and it is great to use when you want to embed something into your piece.

Because I use pure beeswax, caring for your piece will be similar to that of an encaustic piece.

Your piece of art should not melt or change it’s form unless it’s left in a hot car or in direct sunlight.  Hanging your piece in a sunlit room is fine, but please check your location through out the day to ensure it will not end up getting hit by the sun.

You may notice that your piece will look a little foggy from time to time.  This can be easily fixed by taking a soft cloth such as a t-shirt and gently buffing it for a minute back to its original look.  You shouldn’t have to do this more than once every few months.

If you have any questions about beeswax art or caring for it please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Peace In!

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