I absolutely love working with Conté Crayon.  It’s the perfect medium for creating that worn look of a well used baseball glove.

I started with a quick sketch to get the idea of form and shape.  This helps me create the frame of my composition, manage proportion and discover the flow of the piece.


My next step was to decide if I wanted to lean toward warm or cool tones.  This time I sketched with the Conté Crayon using a base paper tone of burnt sienna and raw umber.  Even with my tests I like to tape the paper.


Quick Sketch: Burnt Sienna

Quick Sketch: Raw Umber

I preferred the tone of the raw umber.

I tape the edges of my paper (I love the clean lines) and use Pan Pastel with a sea sponge to cover the paper in a base coat.  The I use willow charcoal to layout my design.

I start removing color with a gum eraser to get a feel for how the light will effect my drawing.

Getting started

Getting started

Once I’m happy with the light I start adding in the tones – building, shading and removing color until the form takes shape.

The trick to creating spheres is understanding how light reflects and bends around it.

Taking shape

Taking shape

From this point I work to create a range of tones.  Deep darks and bright lights that help to give the piece a 3D illusion.

On another piece I will use heavier paper.  This is 90lbs and about now I hit a wall with how far I could push my darks.  I took it as a sign to finish the details of the wood grain which I did with an eraser and add the threads which I did with the crayon.

 The final piece.


Play Ball

I’m in love with this.

When I was a little girl my uncles would come down from the big city and play softball with us in the front yard – I’m proud to say I never broke a window and no one ever accused me of throwing like a girl.

This glove is reminiscent of all the ones that lay around our childhood home just waiting for someone to show up and ask if we want to play catch.

So it’s with a little sadness that I report this drawing was damaged while being shipped to the framers.  But no worries my friends, like all minor setbacks, I learned a few good lessons and I’m prepared to make the next inning even better!

Peace in,


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2 Responses to Conté Crayon Baseball Drawing

  1. Cristy s says:

    I am completely 100% in awe of your awesome talent. The detail is stunning. Wow!

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