Mixed Media Custom Art for Children's Rooms

Dance In The Sun

I’ve always been crafty… and not always the glue and paper kind!  But something in me turned on and tuned in once I got pregnant.  As I hand sewed curtains (I know!) for my daughter’s room, I had a clear vision of it brimming with original art.  My problem was that I could never find exactly what I was looking for.

Then that moment happened!  I’m having a conversation with my sister in law about what I wanted to see in my daughter’s room and she said “why don’t you just paint it”.  Naturally I laughed, but Denise (an artist in her own right) shared with me the website of her online art teacher, Suzi Blu, and in an instant my brain was full of ideas.  It took a little trial and error, but with one class under my belt I was hanging art in Peyton’s room.

I was an Artist, Suzi said so!

It’s amazing how many doors open for you when you take the first step.  My daughter’s room is full of original art.  Most of it is hers!  And I’m creating custom art pieces for other children’s rooms.

Are you looking for a custom piece for your child’s room?  If you want to paint your own I highly recommend a Suzi Blu class.  If you’d like a piece designed, let’s talk!

I create mixed media pieces based on a mini survey about your child that asks about favorite sayings, colors, and wishes.  I’m happy to include a memorable trinket as well as your child’s name in the piece.  That’s the beauty of custom!  For more information please take a look at my orders page.

Peace In!


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