31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 15

Today’s challenge is to tell you ten things that make me awesome – this is hard.  I’m not really that humble, I do think I’m pretty awesome :) but to list 10 reasons why feels a little weird.

So here goes in no order other than how they pop into my mind.

1. I’m a resourceful problem solver.

2. I’m creative.


3. I’m tenacious about the things that inspire my multi-passions.

4. People laugh at my stories – which is great because I try to see my life through a humorous filter.

5. I always try to take responsibility for my actions.

6. I love my life and look forward to what each day will bring.  This doesn’t mean I’m always happy or that everything is perfect.

7. I’m a loyal friend.  But you probably don’t want to test that.

8. I’m supportive and can be motivating.

9. I love being a few minutes early.  I respect time, mine and yours.

10. I’m a wicked multi-tasker aka Project Manager.

Peace in,



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6 Responses to Day 15: List 10 Things That Make You Awesome

  1. Paula says:

    It is good to see our lives with the ‘humor’ filter!

  2. Laura says:

    Love number 9! I wish I had a few more friends who were like that!

  3. Kim says:

    I hate being late! It makes me so nervous. My son is the same way, which makes me think it’s genetic.

    Great list!

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