31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 21

When I’m asked about fear the first thing that pops into my mind is “I gave birth to a baby that didn’t sleep through the night until she was 15 months old – nothing scares me now.”

The truth of course is that my biggest fear is something I couldn’t possible name because I’m afraid to even think about it.

A year ago Little Rossi was put on the wrong school bus.  By the time dispatch found me, the school was closed and the bus company was refusing to take her where she was suppose to be.  I was actually told “she’s not my problem – someone needs to pick her up or I’ll have the bus driver drop her off to the police…” aka an abandoned child.

Now I’m not saying I handled the situation with any kind of grace.  Although there was no naming calling, words did fly out of my mouth that would have made Joe Rogan blush.  But it did make me realize that there is a maternal instinct that kicks in, over powers that first fear based emotion and launches us into action.

I was one with the momma bear!

The very idea that my child was ‘lost’ and that this woman stood behind policies instead of trying to really help invoked levels of fear I don’t think I have ever experienced before.  It’s so hard to explain what I felt that day – I had an absolute need to locate and hug my child.


Saint Patrick's Day 2013

Saint Patrick’s Day 2013

All is well that ends well… of course.

Peyton realized the mistake early into the adventure and patiently waited for the situation to resolve itself – her bus driver was amazing!  She waited for me at the school until I could get there.

So I arrive.  My heart is still flipping between being angry and relieved when Peyton runs off the bus, obviously excited, and says, “Mama you won’t believe what happened today.  Josh waved at me before I even had a chance to waved at him.  This is the best day ever.”

Peace in,



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11 Responses to Day 21: What’s Your Biggest Fear

  1. Kim says:

    Ugh! What a nightmare! I would have reacted the same way, except perhaps using more expletives. ;-)

    • Tami Ross says:

      Kim it was scary, I got a crash course on how the “system” works and how one little mistake can snowball a situation out of control. But now that I can look back at it from here I feel slightly empowered.

  2. That is terrifying. Those moments when our children are not where we think they should be are awful! I’m glad it turned out in the end, and that your daughter wasn’t traumatized.

  3. April says:

    OK, just reading that… made my blood pressure rise. I would have not only dropped F bombs everywhere but they would have been AFRAID OF ME!

    My son, when he was 7, went to visit his father in Iowa via non-stop flight. Only, when he landed at DFW Airport on his way home…. I was anxiously awaiting his return at Gate B32…. for 5 minutes…10 minutes.. 15 minutes… no one… no announcements… no flight status notifications.. nothing… I finally became concerned… walked and found someone at a counter without a line 20 people deep only to have them tell me “oh, yeah, that flight came in 20 minutes ago At gate B2. I got there… he was SOBBING thinking I had FORGOTTEN HIM.

    YOu can’t explain incompetence to a 7 year old…. I was LIVID. From that moment on, he had his own cell phone for travelling so he could call me and tell me where he was… and many a time after that once they were on the ground, he’d call me and I’d actually walk inside the airport following the plane as it made its way to a gate OTHER than where it was supposed to be… but he felt safe knowing he could always be in contact with me and I’d always be there.

    • Tami Ross says:

      April, thank you for sharing. It makes me so frustrated to hear stories like this but what a great way to stay in contact! Whew! God bless the mama’s that have to protect their children in the face of stupidity.

  4. Oh that is a scary feeling, glad everything worked out okay!

  5. Laura says:

    Wow. I have no words. How on earth could any human being with a freaking heart react that way? When I was six I lived in a rural town not too far from where I live now. I accidentally boarded the wrong bus after school and it wasn’t until the bus was empty and I was way out in the middle of the country that I realized I was on the wrong bus. I told the bus driver and he drove 25 minutes out of his way and dropped me on my front doorstep. THAT is what I expect from our schools, not the travesty that happened to you. I am so sorry, you must have been so scared!

    • Tami Ross says:

      It was truly unbelievable! It’s horrible not knowing exactly where your child is or how to reach her, and it was made worse by being at the mercy of people standing behind policy.

      I was grateful for the bus driver too, God only know what would have happened if a sub or something would have been working that day.

  6. Kelly says:

    Wow, now school buses terrify me! haha. I’m so glad this story had a happy ending.

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