31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 25

I love Savannah, GA.

We live on the islands smack dab between the historic district and the beach. :)  We always wanted to give Savannah a try so a few years ago we rented out our house in Nashville, TN and moved to the coast.  We are on the second floor of an apartment complex with a breeze ways between the apartments, a pool, a work out room and a staff that we’ve become friends with.

When my husband is on the road playing music – I never feel alone – and the couple downstairs are always bringing us food to try.

During my lunch hour, on any given day, you might find me walking through the historic squares snapping photographs of the Spanish moss or taking a walk along the beach and collecting sea shells.

Yes, I love it.

P-Funk on the other hand feels that the second floor of an apartment building is not the place for her and Jeff misses grilling out and having space to spread out… so we’ll be moving to Atlanta this summer.  Probably into a house with a backyard.

I’m okay with it.  I’m always on the hunt for a new adventure, and I might actually get to move my business from the kitchen table to an office…but I’m going to miss the Salt Life!
Peace in,



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2 Responses to Day 25: Describe Your Location

  1. April says:

    I dated a guy that lives in Sugarhill, GA… is that near Savannah? I’m too lazy to look it up. Maybe I should have a Diet Coke to feel inspired! Or a nap….

    • Tami Ross says:

      LOL – no. Sugarhill is north of Atlanta. Maybe 5 hours from here… but near is all relative. :) Diet cokes are always on my menu.

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