31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 27

I’ve being thinking about this for a few days… an extra day in fact and I have come to realize I don’t have too many online friends that I haven’t already met in person.

This blogging challenge has introduced me to a lot of new people that I hope will become friends – I’m seriously inspired!

But someday I would like to meet Leo Fisher.

We connected online a few years back with I decided I needed to know the exact longitude and latitude lines of the community I grew up in.  He had posted them on his blog about his Canadian summer home in this very same community – Harrigan Cove, Nova Scotia.

Let me just say that this place is so small I can’t even add it as my hometown in Facebook!

Regardless Leo and his wife found it and for a little while had a place up there.  We have never met but he met a lot of the people I grew up with and I’m sad we never got to meet before he sold the place.  A few years back I sent him a written tour of my favorite places in the area and he and his wife spent the day following the map and took pictures to send back to me.

Now Leo and I are Facebook friends and our network has grown to include mutual friends – all of us with similar interests.  It’s an amazing time we live in!

Across the road from my parents house

Across the road from my parents house

31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 28

I have so many that I fear I crave just feeling guilty: :)

I love Diet Coke, even thought it’s doing God knows what to my body.  I’m drinking one right now.

I love going to horror films in the middle of the day, when I should be working – because you know I’m going to have to work straight through the mommy / daughter time…

I love buying a new pair of red shoes – even when I don’t need them.

I love taking myself on a lunch date – especially during busy times when I have 8 million other things to do and have just had a big melt down about “how no one helps out around here”.  (Which is a total lie.  If it weren’t for my husband, Peyton wouldn’t know the Grocery story had anything but a frozen food aisle).

I love staying up all night watching television shows I would never admit I watch.  Supernatural anyone? No me either.

I often feel the guilt of not spending enough time with my family, especially since I’m home all day and usually work from the kitchen table so… I indulge if only to have something ‘real’ to feel guilty about.

Oh, the diet coke can is empty.  Have I mentioned how much I love wine?

Peace in,



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2 Responses to Day 27 & Day 28: Online Friends & Guilty Pleasure

  1. April says:

    I’m back on my “eating clean” plan as of TODAY…. BUT…. I was up TOO early (to go to the gym) after staying up TOO late (playing a stupid word game on my iPhone) so I needed… NEEDED caffeine! Diet Coke to the rescue! :)

    • Tami Ross says:

      I know – every time I say I’m going to give it up the local grocery store does a 3 case for $11 deal and I’m done.

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