I’m so proud of this piece.

Peyton is showing her love.

I was commissioned to create a usable vintage suitcase with a vintage camera theme.  I had free reign to do my thing, so I picked up a roll of film and started playing with it until this design formed in my head.

I wanted to use polka dots because they remind me of the little dots in the pictures from back in the day.  I received this great polka dotted tissue paper in a birthday present and dyed it a vintage brown using black tea.  I then took the film and used it to border the top from the polka dotted bottom.  You’ll also notice I used decorative metal pieces as buttons.

My favorite stamping tool for this piece was small bubble wrap.  It allowed me to continue the polka dotted theme but with an interesting texture.  I added a little bronze shimmer to her hair to give a little highlight.

Every Smile Has A Story To Tell

Since this suitcase will be used in travels, I sealed with two coats of a polymer varnish instead of the beeswax.

Peace In!

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One Response to Every Smile Has A Story To Tell

  1. Bunkie Burke Rivkin says:

    You are a very talented lady, my beautiful daughter in love

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