As I’ve mentioned, my mixed media adventures sprung from the idea of wanting original art in my daughter’s room and not finding exactly what I wanted.

RyLee Madison Art PieceSo it was a thrill when my friend RyLee commissioned my first piece of custom art.

RyLee Madison is an East Coast Canadian performing singer songwriter living in Nashville, TN.  She and I met on the exact same day I met my husband and we have been friends ever since!

I’m excited to share that she just released her latest album, Where Does The Time Go and it’s available for download on iTunes.  For more information please check out RyLee’s website.

When I first started I didn’t realize how much emotion is put into an art piece for someone else.  My pieces are whimsical, but a folky kind of whimsy and it was RyLee’s piece that really taught me to trust my own vision while incorporating the ideas and inspiration given by the person doing the ordering.  It can be a bit nerve racking when you first show someone what you’ve created for them.

Rylee madison Logo

RyLee's Digital Logo Created From Art

I was lucky. Rylee loved her piece so much that she started using it in her branding and I found the confidence to start doing a lot more custom work.

How does a tangible piece of art become a digital logo?

The brilliance of using the vector art tool in Photoshop!

I didn’t do the vectoring on this piece, but it’s a really cool process.  I found this YouTube video that runs through the same process by turning a regular photograph into a piece of graphic art.

I see a lot of people using the site to “graphic up” their profile pictures on social media sites. It offer’s a fun cartoon effect, but you’re not going to have the design control you have in Photoshop.

If you’re interested in a graphic vector imagine for your profile picture a great place to check out is It’s a site where people post what they can do for you for $5! If you look at the graphic section you’ll find a lot of people offering to cartoon a photo! You can’t beat the price or the service!

Peace In!


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3 Responses to From Art To Logo

  1. Deborah says:

    That’s really neat :)

  2. RyLee says:

    Tami you’re such an inspiration! I just stumbled over this. I LOVE your creations, you are so talented girl and I LOVE my logo. I think I used the same youtube video to vector mask your artwork into my logo. Too funny!

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