Oatland Island’s Gnome & Faerie Festival Offers Great Ideas for Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

We had a Fairy Themed Birthday Party for P-Funk a few years back and shared the details for our evening faerie hunt over on TamiRoss.com.

The other day we had fun running around Oatland Island’s Gnome & Faerie Festival and I wanted to share some of the activities because they would be fun and easy to do for a birthday party.

Peyton & Fairy at Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

Peyton & Fairy at Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

Peyton loves arts and crafts and two of her favorite craft inspired activities were making magic wands and faerie catchers.

Magic Wands

Large Candy Tubes
Butterflys cut out of construction paper (but you could use any shape)
Glitter, features, & Gems

Staple the cut out shapes to the top of the large candy tube.  Then let the glue and glitter campaign begin.  :)  Peyton loved this because after she cast a few spells she could rip it apart and eat the candy.

Faerie Catchers

Sticks with a Y shape
Various rolls of yarn

Tie the yarn to one end of the stick and wrap it around until you finish the Y shape with a nice web of yarn.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

I love Oatland Island.  We have a family membership and I enjoy taking my lunch hours and walking the trails and visiting with the animals.

Marshland Trail at Oatland

Marshland Trail at Oatland

One of our favorite Faerie activities the other day was Forging for Faeries – a little scavenger hunt.

We were given an egg carton with 6 hollows, painted with bright spring colors and naturally a little glitter.

The goal was to find 6 Faerie treasures during a walk through one of the wilderness trails.  Pictures attached to trees offered a clue that a container of treasure was near by.  Once we found the container we took one treasure out and put it in the hollow of one of the egg cartons.

Faerie Treasures collected on an oyster shell.

Faerie Treasures collected on an oyster shell.

Some of the treasures included: fairy costume (a piece of dried flower), a dew drop (I gel bead), furniture (river stone), food (sunflower seed), plates and saucers (sea shells) and little thimble shapes made out of clay.

Once everything was gathered, we took all the treasures to check them in where they then took the seed and planted it in a little paper container.

Then they took all the other treasures and placed them in an oyster shell and set it on top of the paper container.

This would be a great activity for a birthday party and the little seed container with all the treasures would be a great little thing to take home.

Putting the Faerie treasures under a bush

Putting the Faerie treasures under a bush with her Faerie Catcher in hand.

Peyton was told to place it under a bush and the faeries would come.

I know she’s right at the age where next year all this will probably be too much, so I’m squeezing out every bit of magic while I can.

Peace in,


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2 Responses to Gnome & Faeries: Fun Party Ideas For Kids

  1. Cristy s says:

    My daughter (who turns 13 on Friday..wahh) still loves gnomes and faeries. She always has. The birthday party looked magical. I love when you can invoke a sense of magic in life. It’s fun to get caught up in.

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