“Human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful.”   Flannery O’Connor

Grace hurts!  There is nothing that tests my ability to proceed with grace more than the feeling of being taken advantage of… by a business.  I hate that feeling of powerlessness and knowing that your hard earned $1 means a whole lot more to you than it does to them.

How companies survive treating customers like a three day old banana peel is beyond me.  The mere inkling of poor service is enough to put me in a bad mood for hours.

bad customer service cartoon

My year of growth and grace received a kick start last winter when I wrote a paper that explored my philosophy of the word.  Taking a point of view that was deeply personal and feminine I studied grace as a choice – a very difficult one to maintain.

In all honesty, my journey with grace has only just begun, but this is a new year and that means a new word and I have chosen to explore the word Woman.

My first book of study is called Wise Woman and traces a few thousand years of female wisdom.  I think the words grace and woman intertwine in an inspiring way and I’m looking forward to another interesting year of discovery.  I might even find a way to address the decline in respectable customer service.  That of course is a topic for another day.

Do you pick a word to study explore each year?  I’d love to know about your journey.

Peace in,


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