Happy New Year!

My daughter and Homemade Dream JournalI made this dream journal with left over card stock. We folded 6 pages and I used a darning needle and a thick string to sew all the pages together down the middle page with a basic stitch and then I painted the front for fun.

The quote I used:

“Every time we say Let there be! in any form, something happens.” Stella Terrill Mann

Of course you can pick up a fun journal at almost any shop and do this fun exercise.

From there your dream journal should break down into 3 areas:

1. How you are feeling right now. Capture the hope and excitement you are feeling for the new year. Give yourself something to go back to and gain inspiration from when the year throws you a curve or you’ve heard “no” one too many times.

2. What do you want to do with the goals and dreams you are chasing. How will achieving these goals affect your life? What will your life look like? Will you be living debt free? Live in a bigger house?

3. What kind of person do you want to be. What will you have learned this year? How will it affect the type of person you want to be?

This is a fun exercise. This is about playing with your goal. Understanding how you, the person, fits into your own dreams and most importantly putting it down on paper so you can look at it everyday.

Use magazines to cut out pictures and phrases and put them in your book. Here is my page on how I’m feeling right now. I used a few Fortune magazines to create these pages.

Handmade Journal pages

It’s a great little book to keep by your bedside and look at before you go to bed.

Peace In!

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