I saw this idea while reading through my friend’s blog friend’s blog and I was excited to try it.

There are cutting tools you can get at scrap booking shops that will make this a little easier but honestly I liked cutting them free hand.

This project “Flowers & Butterflies” is for a good friend originally from Russian, so I wanted to include Russian text and this was the perfect way to incorporate it.

But how great would it be to make them out of pages from your favorite book or out of travel documents from somewhere fantastic!

What I did:

I printed the Russian text from my computer on average weight computer paper.

Then I used a flower stencil shape as a template.

I cut at least two shapes, sometimes three to make the flowers.

I used a small darning needle and embroidery thread (3 strands) to sew the paper flower shapes together with the buttons.


My favorite part was what happened to them once I waxed the final project.

The paper flowers became a little like hard plastic so I know the piece will be well protected for years to come.

Peace In!

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