SoulPancake: How Do You Determine Truth?

I’ve been reading through Rainn Wilson’s bestseller, SoulPancake, and pondering some of life’s big questions like “How Do You Determine Truth“?

Truth, I’ve learned, is so tricky that it usually hides behind lots of emotion.  So much so that I don’t believe we look for truth anymore.  We look for facts to support our beliefs.

My truth?How Do You Determine Truth: I'm a mom

I’m a mom.

I will always be a mom.

My job can change, my health can change, hell even my sex can change and one day I will change from a living breathing person…but I will always be a mom.

Little Rossi is my truth.

And now I think I determine all truths based on this one thing I know for sure.

Being a mom is the filter through which I see the world.  It impacts and influences everything else and sometimes I don’t even care about the facts.  Because the emotional response of being a mom trumps all.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all you rug rat hugging multi-taskers!  Here’s wishing your Sunday is full of love, attention and truth.

Peace in,


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