I was in drawing class the other day feeling quite accomplished that I’m balancing work, school, my social media clients, Jefferson’s bookings and the one and only precocious P, when I learned that my professor has eight children.  How does he do it?

Just before school started I got really nervous.  Was I going to be the oldest in the class?  Would I be boring? Was I wasting my time and our money?  Shouldn’t I be saving for our daughters future?  The questions were ongoing and my brain played out endless scenarios.  It’s the kind of mental workout you can’t discuss with anyone, you’ve just got to let your head and heart duke it out and hope they come up with a compromise you can live with.

That first day changed everything.  I was inspired and meeting incredibly creative people.  And I realized, that’s how we do it.  We find these communities of people that keep us inspired and help us grab on to our ideas and turn them into something tangible.  I can’t believe how fun it is or how much I am learning.  However, when people ask me how do I do it I can’t really answer them.  I tell them it’s my time management skills or that I never sleep, but honestly I’m feeding the flames of something that is all mine.  A few minutes here and there to step out of the stresses of everyday life and motherhood and do something for me.  I’ve got a ton of family support and wouldn’t be able to do this without them.  Everyday the potential of what I am doing fuels my passion and my family is a big part of that, but my grade is a direct reflection of my effort.  As my sweet little P told me last week, “well mama, I guess you’ll need to art your way through”.  And isn’t that the trick to everything.  To stop talking about it and actually do it.


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