I saw this on pinterest last year and pinned it to a board to do with Peyton this year.

The photo sucker valentine is such a cute idea.  You will need:

  • Camera
  • Photos
  • Artist Knife
  • Tape
  • Package of suckers or any candy on a stick

It took a couple of tries to get Peyton’s arm positioned correctly.  We wanted the sucker to be off to the side of the photo; I found a 3/4 shot was a little easier than the front on shots.  This was Peyton’s favorite.

I use Picasa to store my photos.  I cropped this photo a little and planned to really blur out the edges, but FotoFlexer did not recognize the effect, so I uploaded this photo as is.

I love FotoFlexer.com for adding fun effects, stickers and text to photos — there are a lot of options most of which are free and it is pretty easy to use.  I blurred out the edges (found under the effects tab), added heart stickers (found under the decorate tab) and a simple ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.  Adding text is found under the decorate tab.  You’ll notice you can add glitter text.  This is a lot of fun for photos you are using on line.

I up loaded the “decorated” photo to my Walgreen’s photo lab and an hour later Peyton and I picked up the order.

We set up a bit of an assembly line.  I used a carpenter’s knife to cut  lines into the photo at the top and bottom of Peyton’s hand.  Peyton then took the suckers and put them through the openings.  A few photos tore a bit, but we just put a little tape on the back to secure the sucker.

We made enough for Peyton’s class (25) for under $8 and she was thrilled to take care of the left over suckers!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Peace in

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One Response to How To Make Photo Sucker Valentines

  1. This is SO FABULOUS! What a great idea. Spectacular. Think I might do it, even though I’m a big kid! Thanks for sharing.

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