How fun is this!

I took photos of my vintage suitcase to see if I could print them on transfer paper and apply them to stuff… in this case a canvas bag.

Iron transfer of art onto stuff

Sometimes I dream of Paris

Iron Transfer of Art onto Canvas Bag

Sometimes I Dream of London

How I did it

I edited the photo in Picasa… LOVE Picasa!  It really isn’t a great photo, you can tell one side is bigger than the other.  I could have prevented this by setting up the tripod and organizing the shot, but this was more of test and I was too eager to try it than to get it perfect.

So in Picasa I created a soft focus on the edges and did a black and white focus as big as I could so the edges were black and white and faded into color.

I used an ink jet to print the photos onto transfer paper.  There are all kinds of transfer papers. I was using a light canvas bag so I picked up transfer paper specifically for light or pastel colors.

NOTE - I reversed the image before printing so the text would read correctly on the bag.

I then used a regular iron, set to cotton, to transfer the photo to the bag.  The photo is an 8×10, much larger than the iron.  It took quite a few pass overs with the iron to set it.  I held the iron over each section for at least 15 secs before moving on to a new section.  Once the backing was complete cooled I removed it.

LESSON LEARNED – after I took the backing off, I flipped the bag over to add the second photo.  BAD IDEA.  I ended up transferring some of the photo of the “Paris” shot to the towel I was using under the bag.  Next time I would either just put the transfer on one side or I would leave the backing on, until both sides had cooled.

How exciting… we can create art and then make wearable pieces with it.  LOVE IT!

Peace In!

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