I Love Marbles!

I love large collections of marbles.  There is a shop on Broughton Street with a galvanized pail full of marbles.  I go in there just so I can sink my hands into the pail.  Delicious happiness!

Delicious Happiness

Every time I feel those cool little balls between my fingers the whole world turns into a bright and hopeful place… like the film Amelie… sometimes I even hear the soundtrack.

I’ve decided that in this year of grace, I’d like to surround myself with more of the little things and I have decided to start my own collection of marbles.

Because today is my birthday, I bought 37 marbles at the Paris Market and now I’m on the hunt for a really cool container to put them in.  Maybe something glass so I can see all the colors.

I’ve never actually owned any more than a few marbles in my life – so this is a little exciting.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  I’m hoping to add marbles from all my favorite places in the world.  I feel an actual trip to Paris is in order!!!

What are your favorite little things?

Peace in,


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