I’m not going to lie, I went in rolling my eyes and came out wiping them.

I thought it was a little too much to have a ceremony for kindergarten, but P-Funk was so proud that I couldn’t help but get caught up in the emotion of the day.

I’m always talking about setting goals, appreciating the journey and rewarding success – and yet I failed to understand the importance of this for goal setters of all ages!!!

This was their moment to show off  a year of hard work, growth and change.  I was so proud when P picked up her diploma, “I’m going to be a mess during high school graduation“, but what really hit me was when the five classes of kindergarteners started singing “you be you and I’ll be me”.  That is such an important lesson and there is something about a chorus of 6 year olds singing a message of peace that filled my heart with absolute joy.

Of course the celebration ended in an ice cream social because lets face it – they are kindergarteners!

As we were getting ready to leave I could see the emotion change in P’s eyes and she started to cry. “This is the end of kindergarten” she said, “90 days is a long time not to see my friends”.  And that’s when the point of the day really hit home with me.  P is growing up in a completely different world than I did.  I was in class with all my friends pretty much through to the 12th grade.  She will not have that experience.  For her, every year will bring change and she will celebrate each year’s success with the friends she’s made and then she’ll make plans for next year, set new goals and look forward to another ice cream social or a new car… you never quite know with that one.

The point is to celebrate.  Make every year, every month, every day special – because it all happens too fast!!

Peace in,

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