I can not share enough how much I love the collaborative aspects of making a film.  Last week I worked on a music video that was so much fun and once again reminded me of how inspired I get working with a great team of people!

Some of the crew that worked on Love in Reverse!

Love in Reverse, by Miriam Chemmoss is due out late summer.

Slating Miriam during a fire scene.

The theme of the song is truly about loving your self, and the visuals are very organic.

We shot three set ups, ice, fire and earth – each with their own style that tell the story through visual representations of these elements.

On set, my position was 2nd AC (second assistant camera).  I ran slate, kept track of camera notes, and cleaned lenses as needed.  We shot on the RED and the Canon 5D.

My soul sister – Shelly! This is our second project with more to come!

The experience I’ve gained on these projects is unbelievable, but that is only part of the reason I work for food.

I have found these films to be incredible networking opportunities that inspire an endless well of ideas.

Most of all, I love working on these projects because they fuel my passion.  They keep me in the game, on my toes and excited for the next film.  I image it’s the same for others as well.

AND it is also teaching me to live in this mindset.  That our lives can absolutely live within the passion of our dreams and we can choose to get out there and be apart of it.

Peace in my friends!


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