To say I didn’t judge this book by the cover would be an out right lie.  I bought this book simply because it had Paris in the title and I can’t think of anything I daydream about more.

My love affair with Paris started long before I ever stepped off the train in Gare du Nord, and now that I’ve walked through the Jardin du Luxembourg, toasted Hemingway’s picture at the Closerie des Lilas and ate countless amazing meals with countless amounts of wonderful table wine, I often find myself longing for a quick lunch in Paris.

This delicious little book lived up to it’s promise to provide it.  Lunch in Paris is a love story that closes each chapter with yummy recipes that almost make me want to step into the kitchen with an apron on!  Beyond that, this warm, touching and often funny story about an American reclaiming a sense of self in her new country of France gave me perspective on my own ex-pat story.

As an English speaking Canadian living in the United States I’m pretty lucky.  The language barrier, although present, wasn’t as near difficult to over come as learning a new language would have been, but living in a new country did mean trying to figure out how to make room for the new me.  The one who still had her roots but could identify with a new set of customs and culture.  (I still struggle with Sir and Ma’am)

It’s difficult to explain the emotional process of immigrating but Elizabeth Bard weaves it into her novel perfectly.  As much as I feel at home here now, those first few years were filled with challenges I didn’t expect.  It was refreshing to read about a similar experience and remind myself  that very few of us travel this road alone.

Lunch in Paris is a cookbook within a novel (how mixed media) and I highly recommend it, both the book and the activity!

Peace In!

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