This time of year I start receiving those annoying emails about the use of Merry Christmas in holiday greetings and I have to be honest, I think it’s pure propaganda.

I grew up hearing Merry Christmas AND Happy Christmas AND Season’s Greetings AND Happy Holidays AND Joyeux Noel oh and Merry Xmas… these were just options before the onslaught of political correctness… I guess in this case it’s religious correctness.

Now “Merry Christmas” is turning into some kind of stand against… what exactly?

I know plenty of non-christians, married into a Jewish family and never once in my life do I remember offending anyone with my Merry Christmasing.   Have you?  Have you ever said Merry Christmas to someone and they went ballistic on you?  Or is the offensive part the feeling of being forced to say something other than Merry Christmas.  I don’t really get the whole “debate”.

Personally, I’m into alliterations.  I’m not as obsessed with them as James Ellroy (have you seen City of Demon’s), I just like words that begin with the same letter so my greeting of choice is Happy Holidays.  I start saying it just before Thanksgiving and use it just past New Year’s day.  But I’m starting to feel the pressure to use Merry Christmas.  Like I’m going against the grain, not standing with the flock if I say Happy Holiday.  I’ve even had someone ask me if I was christian because I didn’t specifically wish them a Merry Christmas.

To that I say REALLY?  Stop looking for ways to be offended!

And have a wonderful holiday season!



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2 Responses to Merry Christmas Propaganda

  1. OMG! Oh, wait… am I allowed to say the “G” part? LOL! I totally get what you are saying. I’m so afraid to wish someone a Merry Christmas (or even a Happy Thanksgiving) for fear they do not celebrate either. I’ve resigned myself to signing my e-mails “Happy Holidays”. It’s all so wrong these days, like I may as well just offer a vegetarian a roast beef sandwich! No matter what I say… I’m just saying “I care”. So smile and be on your Merry way! Happy Holidaze!

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