The New Year is a great time to reflect, recharge and refocus.  I took a few minutes to write down my goals and intentions for 2012 as it will be another year of change for the Ross’s.  Jeff will be on the road a lot this year sharing his music and I’ll be keeping the home fires burning… while working, studying, parenting and of course blogging!

Spiritual & Intellectual Goals

My word to meditate on this year is “Grace“.  I got this idea from my friend Deborah, author of the Happy Beyond blog.  Last year my word was “Focus“.  It’s incredible how putting all your energy into one word can create so much peace in your spirit.  I picked grace this year because it pretty much sums up what I want for myself in 2012.

SCAD has been an amazing experience for me.  I feel like both my mind and soul are expanding.  Everything I’m learning about art relates and interacts with the “real world” to create dimensions of both fantasy and ubber reality.  I’m so excited about this new quarter and have already read most of my text books.  I’m ready and it’s my intention to maintain this level of prepardness.  Staying on top of what is expected and pushing a little farther secured a spot on the Dean’s list and that is something I’d like to maintain.

Writing is important to my spirit as well.  My journals are filled with ideas and thoughts and I’ve been thinking of a way to focus them into something tangible.  This Christmas a light bulb went off as I read through some of Jeff’s grandmother Odum’s diaries.  These are diaries in the truest form.  No emotion, just plain, straight forward 2-3 lines of what happened and in some cases what didn’t happen that day.  They are records of handwriting and memories and I’m completely inspired.  I picked up a One Line A Day diary at Barnes and Noble and plan to continue the tradition.

Professional Goals

I have a lot of irons in the fire.  I’m a project manager for a full time business, manage Jeff and his bookings, run the social media for a few small business’s, co-creator and author of Savannah Georgia’s Vibe Guide and I love to volunteer and support local music and film events.

So… on top of all this I plan to work on sharing more of my art.  There are a couple of galleries that are interesting in showing some of my work and I’d like to have a little show ready next fall so I can apply to SCAD’s Small Works that showcases the art of students and faculty.

I will also be working on a few music videos as well as a short documentary inspired by a song Jeff wrote called Carry On Like Larry Jon.

Playtime & Physical Goals

The one thing I’d really like more of is travel, but sometimes we have to put things on the back burner and I believe this year travel for me will be one of them.  Of course, I was blessed in 2011 with unscheduled trips and experiences so I’m going to leave this one in the hands of goodwill and see where that takes me.

In lieu of travel I plan to take one day a week to attend a live music, gallery or film event.  It’s a great way to feed my creative soul and network with amazing people.  Will be requiring a babysitter!

I’m cutting down my 1/2 marthon’s to one this year.  I’m not great at committing to the training required but really love the experience so I plan to take part in either Savannah’s or San Antonio’s 1/2 this November.  P90X is a great work out and although I don’t plan to re-do the 90 days I will be incorporating some of the videos back into my routine, most likely the yoga.  It’s 90 minute of goodness!

Happy New Year Y’all!  Wishing you much love, peace and grace in 2012.


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