Fall is by far my most favorite time of year.  I always feel so inspired and empowered during the autumn months.

So it will probably come as no surprise that this year I have created an organization system (with the help of the PC Teacher) to help me manage all my projects.

This idea came to light as I tried to decide what to do with my marketing blog.

I’m going through a bit of a purge cycle right now and mindfully letting go of the things that are either holding me back or that I do not have time to nurture.  The leave of absence from TamiRoss.com let me focus on our life in Savannah but I ended up creating this personal blog to share our art life.  I felt there was a lot of great information on TamiRoss.com and I was having trouble letting the site go… so I turned it into a home base for all my projects.

TamiRoss.com, in the interim will be home to Mixed Media Management and although I will continue to post about online marketing there will be more of a focus on my natural skill set, time management.

It’s been a difficult and rewarding experience to really focusing on how I spend my days… and nights.  I am a project manager at heart, but have not been successful at creating an umbrella for everything I do.  It was a bit crazy to see on paper how many different things I work on, on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.  I love it.  But I saw the need to get organized and create what I’m calling a hierarchy of balance.

Nothing fancy.

I’m using excel spreadsheets and Google to help me create to do lists and work flows.  This allows me to keep everything in a central location and access it from anywhere… including my cell phone.  I’m also sharing documents with team members with great success.  This helps with communication, keeps everyone on the same page and helps reduce the amount of time I need to communicate what needs to happen.  Finding more time… helps me find more peace.

Peace in,

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