I had the most wonderful experience yesterday.

In order to get my Christmas gifts to Canada on time I had to mail them yesterday and that meant braving a cold and rainy morning to pick up a few last minute gifts on Broughton Street.  I absolutely love the historic district in Savannah and love supporting my favorite shops.  So I paid a visit to Nourish, The Savannah Bee Company and the Earthbound Trading Company.  Loaded down with a few bags, waiting under the awning of Broughton and Bull for my husband to pick me up, I listened to the church bells ring out carols and watched other brave souls pass by with colorful umbrellas on their way to work or possibly lunch.

I love these moments.  These pockets of time when our own to-do lists are forced to take a break and we get a minute to observe the world around us.

I often feel like I have a million irons in the fire so I cherish these unplanned moments.  Watching the rain drizzle down in quick drops of gray barley noticeable to the eye.  To catch myself slipping on the slick bricks that remind me so much of my home in Halifax.  Watching the fake fur trim of coats dance a little as their owners move quickly to get out of the cold.  Hearing the muted click of heals on wet sidewalks.  And then my husband honking the horn to signal he has arrived and I need to get back to “the list”.  But for a minute all these mixed medias reminded me of a trip to Paris and I thought that is how an artist’s brain works.  From a rainy corner in Savannah, Ga to a rainy corner in Paris, France our minds can take us anywhere!

So I hope that during this busy holiday season you get an unexpected moment to remember something  you cherish!

Happy Holidays


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