I pride myself on my ability to handle many projects at once, but this adventure at SCAD is teaching me something about myself.  I can not focus on one thing!  I’m working on a still life for my drawing class and it’s turning into a visual representation of how I attack projects.  A little bit on the top right corner, a little bit on the middle left… how did I get here?

We focus so much on the finished product these days that we forget there is a process, or sometimes a lack of process toward the desired result.  Drawing is all about the process.  It’s the understanding of space and form and making decisions on how to turn the 3 dimensional world into a 2 dimensional one that gives the illusion of 3 dimensions.  The other day, my professor talked about the “moral weight” of a drawing and this idea resonated with my core.  The moral weight of an art piece is calculated as the viewer perceives the time it took to create the piece.  We are morally obligated to at least try and appreciate art that reflects an investment of time on the part of the artist.  The artist’s process and focus is hidden under all the layers it took to create a piece of art and so this concept of moral weight will transfer into everything we do.

As a mom I’m pulled in many different directions.  I can’t remember the last time I finished a thought or expressed myself, in-person, clearly.  I’m great with a back button and spell check, but I find it near impossible to sit down and finish a task from start to finish.  Don’t get me wrong, I get it all done and time management is my speciality, but when I have pockets of time with no interruptions and nothing but time to complete a task I’m still all over the map.  I got up 4 times while writing this blog.  I just paused to eat a banana…

Honestly, I kind of knew this about myself, but it really wasn’t so evident until I started this still life.  Watching this piece grow from a pencil drawing, to a 3 value drawing and now as I start to add detail I can clearly see that it’s a visual representation of my focus lacking process and I’m fascinated by this discovery.

In a beautiful sense of irony it seems that I’m trying to draw  my view point of controlled chaos… something that is completely up my alley… well at least around the corner.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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