Month 2 of Elizabeth Gilbert’s giveaway for advanced copies of her new book, “The Signature of All Things” asks about our most transcendent moment in nature.

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Salt Life

I grew up on the rocky shores of a cove within rock skipping distance of the ocean.

I love the salt life.  After living seven years in the land lock state of Tennessee a move to the Georgia Coast was just want I needed.

Across the road from my parents house

Across the road from my parents house

Transcendent Moment

Collecting sea glass and shells, digging for clams and swimming in the cold waters was a normal part of my childhood.  But it wasn’t until I left home that I realized how special these memories were.

The most profound and transcendent moment I had in nature was the first time I came come back to the cove after being away for a few years.

The land my grandfather owned had been sold.  His boat house torn down and acres of vegetable gardens completely taken back by the land.

As I made my way to the shore line I scratched up my legs on berry bushes that now grow wild.  I stood looking out over the water and could not see anything that told me my childhood stomping ground had held onto a memory of me.

It was humbling and inspiring.

In that moment I recognized how connected I was and how important it was to let go.  Just as the land I’m bound to had let go of me.

I’m here to tell my stories, of my time and space, and the land, she’ll tell hers.

Peace in,


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