The sun was coming out and the day held the promise of goodness… right up until the security guard told me I could not bring Peyton into the Student Center.  I am sure there is a perfectly good reason for it, but at that particular moment I could not think of any.  In fact all I could think of was how much tuition I am paying and how difficult it is to balance my life as a mother and student.

My classmates are fantastic, they often make concessions and change their schedule to accommodate my crazy life.  I could not ask for more from my “peers”.  However I do find it frustrating that I often come up against these rules.  I am only slightly sorry that as a parent it would seem I am looking for special treatment when what I am really looking for is flexibility.

In network marketing I’ve met a lot of moms that gave up their careers to spend a little time at home with their young children only to find a return to the work force less than welcoming.  I get it, we often need time off to deal with sick kids and our family is our number one priority… the work force does not always open its doors to the working mom, that is why we kick so much ass in network marketing… but school is not the work force — it is a service that I am paying for and honestly I expect to be offered a little respect for my situation.  It would be a great customer service to me if I were permitted to bring my child into certain “community” building as I cannot imagine daycare being offered anytime soon.

Peace In,


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