Consider The Butterfly was inspired after the death of a family friend.  The night he passed a bright luminescent purple butterfly fluttered through a dream and landed in my outstretch palm.  I don’t remember anything about the dream except the butterfly and when I woke up I knew I had to create this piece.

Paper collages are a fun art project that I can get Peyton involved in.  She helps me cut the paper squares and often paints the canvas board.  I like using canvas board because of the texture and strength, especially since I coat the final project with beeswax.

5x7 inch canvas board painted with acrylic.

Butterfly shape created with cut squares of purple paper.

From here I did a little stamping and used a skeleton key for the body of the butterfly.  There is something about the juxtaposition of the history associated with a skeleton key and the birth of a butterfly that I love.  I included a butterfly quote from American writer, Richard Bach that felt perfect and found its way to me when I needed it.  Happy synchronicity…

Consider The Butterfly

Peace in,

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