Paris in a Day – A Celebration of our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Paris in a day is impossible – unless of course you’re in Atlanta, Georgia.

10 years ago my husband and I spent our pre-honeymoon in Paris and today I wanted to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary with a Parisian flare.

We were married on top of Love Circle by a preacher that showed up in a K9 unit. We left Post-it notes on a few of our friends doors to let them know what we were up to. Very effective invitations.

Jeff’s mom flew up from Atlanta and took us all out to dinner afterward. Then hubby was off to play at the Grand Ole Opry. Welcome to Nashville!

It’s amazing how fate steps in. We had planned to elope but are grateful for the impromptu celebration.

Paris in a day - Love Circle, Nashville, TN - November 21st 2003

Love Circle, Nashville, TN – November 21st 2003

A lot has happened in the last few years. The winds of change have brought us to Atlanta Georgia and being new to town I worried how I would pull it off, but only for a New York minute.


Hubby took little Rossi to school this morning and when he returned I surprised him with a croissant, pear and goat cheese breakfast. Oh La La.

Breakfast a la Paris

Breakfast a la Paris

Thanks to a few conversations at work I discovered this amazing cafe to visit for lunch. Anis Bistro & Cafe.

Beyond DELICIOUS! Our server, Miguel, made us feel like he was hosting us in his home. The environment is welcoming, the food is amazing and the wine list is stellar! I couldn’t recommend this place more.

Anis Cafe and Bistro

Anis Cafe and Bistro

We enjoyed mussels and fries, roasted fish, blood sausage and of course espresso.

Hubby at Anis Cafe and Bistro

Hubby at Anis Cafe and Bistro

From here we headed to the HIGH Museum to see Paris on Peachtree – an exhibit showcasing paintings, sculptures and photographs of the Louvre’s Tuileries gardens.

We love museums and the timing of the Paris show could not have been better. I thought this model of the garden was amazing. It was about 24 feet long and extremely detailed.

Wooden Model of Louvre’s Tuileries Garden designed by an unknown artist.

Wooden Model of Louvre’s Tuileries Garden designed by an unknown Australian artist.

Paris holds a special place in our hearts and it was a lot of fun to immerse ourselves in it – if only for the day.

Time of course plays tricks on all of us. Its so hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since that day atop Love Circle. Our anniversary was a great day to reminisce and to (quite frankly) pat each other on the back! 10 years.

Here’s to many more.



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