I love play-dates with my husband.

We’re blessed that “The Artist’s Way” life style allows us to spend some time together while P-funk is in school.  So last week, facing her kindergarten graduation and a full summer as the 3 musketeers, Jeff and I decided to have a play-date in Hilton Head.

If you’re ever homesick for France, or just want to experience an amazing lunch or dinner.  May we suggest…

I am never disappointed.

The food, the service, the atmosphere — always makes for a wonderful dining experience.  We always start with the fruit and cheese platter!

You can never go wrong with the specials and the dinner menu is handwritten everyday after the chef returns from market. LOVE THAT!

Last Thursday was an over cast rainy day, but that didn’t stop us from walking around and taking pictures.

I’m going through a little close up phase…

These photos make me think about what connects us… the links and fibers of life.

We stopped into Bluffton on our way home.

They have a cute children’s bookstore called The Storybook Shoppe and we picked up a little gift for P-funk’s graduation.

On Thursdays they block off main street for a farmers market.  Last year the weather was so favorable that Bluffton hosted the market all year long!

Homegrown tomatoes ROCK MY WORLD!

Peace in,



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