It is one thing to learn the theory, but it is a lot more fun to apply it.  In an effort to get out of there and practice my new skills, I have challenged myself with a few fun projects this quarter and I’ve brought my filmmaker friends a long for the ride.  If location is the key in real estate, than collaboration is the key to film making.  Having a good team will make or break the experience and the end result.

Meet Jordan. Our idea was that the husband was taking pictures of his wife as they toured around town. The last scene is a local (Jordan) asking if they would like her to take a picture of them together...

Last Saturday my good friend Martha allowed us (me and Jordan) to follow her around Savannah so we could film a day in the life of a Savvy Savannah Tourist.  Jordan and I wanted to do a stop motion feel that incorporated the idea of a scrapbook.  With that in mind Jordan kept the shot structure flowing through the day and in spite of a few technical challenges and learning a new editing software, we were able to create our film and pass in our submission to the visitors bureau an hour before it was due.

This is my producer look!

Its a lot of fun to see an idea form into something tangible.   But the truth is you learn a lot about fixing inevitable problems when you actually get out there and do it.  There is only so much you can learn from a book.  It’s in the doing where you gain experience and quite honestly confidence.

My latest project was filming a few music videos for Jefferson.  Another fun day on set with my friend Kate.  If it wasn’t for her help we never would have accomplished all we did.  I picked the camera up only to find out the batteries were dead.  This isn’t really a surprise, but I was told I’d be able to trade out the batteries.  Well I couldn’t.  So I sat plugged into the wall for an hour while I got a quarter charge on the battery.  We ran with that while the other battery charged.  Kate helped me set up the shots and ran back and forth to change out the batteries.  It was a totally pain in the ass but with Kate’s “We Got This” positive attitude we just went with it.  She is an amazing editing machine so her input on shot design is important.  She had a great eye for how the final project will come together which speeds up the number of shots we need, which is even more perfect on a day when were dealing with equipment issues.

I love this shot

I didn’t know I could play well with others until I started at SCAD.  I’ve been blessed by the amazing people I meet and how well we work together.  We all want to create and be part of something amazing.  Despite my fear of feeling too old to go back to school, I fit right in!

Peace In

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