Jeff and I call November 22 “should have gone fishing day” – as in the day you probably should not show up for work.  The world has often wondered what would have happened if President Kennedy just would have gone fishing instead of showing up in that open air motorcade.  Well  wonder no more.

Stephen King’s 11/22/63 follows Jake Epping through an adventure into the past to change the events of that day.  Jake walks into 1958 and builds a life as George Amberson, all with the purpose of rescuing JFK from Oswald.  He ages over the 5 years he is in the past with the idea that he will return to the future 2 minutes after he left.

I loved the vivid story line, the characters were interesting and I am always enchanted with stories that investigate our past.  Plus Mr. King gave a shout out to Jack Finney and there is not a better time travel book than Time and Again!

My English Composition class gave me the opportunity to understand why I read the way I do.  Not only do I love reading about the past, I love reading about actual time travel.  The idea is still so romantic to me.  Maybe because of the story of my great grandfather  — I keep thinking if someone went back into time to change that event, that maybe I wouldn’t even exist.  But how many other things would change?  Does time ripple or can it create tsunamis?  I’m completely fascinated!

Peace In

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