This week, thanks again to SoulPancake, I’ve been thinking about my Personal Philosophy.

The activity was to find someone with sidewalk chalk {check}, find some pavement {check} and share my philosophy with the world {check}.

Be Kind my Personal Philosophy

Chalking up the sidewalk with Little Rossi

I believe grace is found in acts of kindness.

I wish I could say I practice it always – I don’t.  I can be less than kind, even to my self, but when asked to sum up my personal philosophy I find myself here.

This is my simple religion.  No need for temples.  No need for complicated philosophy.
Your own mind, your own heart is the temple.  Your philosophy is simple kindness.

- Dalai Lama XIV


Kindness is more than an act or behavior.  It’s a discipline.  A way to view the world.  A way to participate.  A way to approach life.

Wayne Dyer recently spoke about the power of I AM.  He say’s we are raised in a world of I AM NOT…  and I agree with him.  We beat ourselves up with self talk that I am not smart, I am not capable, I am not pretty, etc.  This does not cultivate kindness.  Not with ourselves or with the people we are comparing ourselves to.

In full disclosure of my hypocrisy I readily admit that I am human and love self depreciating, off the wall humor as much as the next gal.

It is however my intention to be kind to myself and others.  To find the humor in life.  To smile more.

After all my mama taught me to:

“Kill them with kindness.”

Peace in,

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