“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”
–Mark Van Doren

Scholar and professor to the beat generation, yes including Jack Kerouac, could not have explained teaching better.

Climbing Wall

So it was with this quote that I set off on my first teaching experience in 15 years.  Not teaching really.  I was more of a camp councilor, there to assist and share what I know about making movies.

The Nobis Digital Media Project isn’t just any summer camp.  Here, we explore social issues in which we can influence and inspire change through film.

In one week, the camp goers learn how to breakdown an idea, backup claims with research, create scripts, draw up storyboards, perform interviews, film narratives, and b roll, edit for cohesion, and add music – all with the purpose of conveying their message.

Skateboard Dolly :)

As expected, I’m a little rusty and slightly awkward as an instructor, but as goofy as it comes out it’s the real me.

It’s fun to share what I know, but the real secret is that I’m just a guide.  As the week progresses it is the students that take the lead to create a piece that represents what they want to say.

This is the piece my group of 6th and 7th graders created:

Peace In,

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