So excited to show you my first angel from Suzi Blu’s angel class available in her stylized faces self study class.

Mixed Media Angel on Wood

"Peace In" Mixed Media Angel on 12x24 Wood

I learned a lot in this class about creating texture with light modeling paste.  I’ve used it before, but never to the extent of playing with it after it was applied.  I used it in the wings and on the flowers and used tools to create additional feathery texture and paint to enhance them.

mixed media on wood

"Peace In" Close up of flower

mixed media on wood

"Peace In" close up of wings

My only real disappointment was using the angelina fibers in her hair.  I probably should have gone with a lighter color, the blue is fantastic, but doesn’t really pop off the blond hair like it does the blue dress.  Next time I’ll use a lighter color with lighter hair, maybe orange or yellow.

mixed media on wood

"Peace In" Close up of hair

mixed media on wood

"Peace In" Close up of angelina fibers on dress

If you have any questions about this piece, please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you’re looking for a great art teacher in the mixed media world, please click on Suzi’s link… it will take you to her Les Petite Academy site.

Peace In!

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