This weeks Flip Flop Friday post is about making Art Journals.  I love art journals!

Art JournalI got the idea for this one from Kelly Rae Robert’s book Taking Flight.

It was my first one so I didn’t deviate too much from the idea in her book, although part of me wants to go ahead and beeswax the cover.  I am excited to see where these new techniques will show up in my own art.

I picked up two hardcover books from Goodwill to use as my canvas.  I thought it would be difficult to destroy a book, but it was a little like therapy since I picked up books I really didn’t like, please don’t ask me what they were.

I designed backgrounds on both sides of the “pages” and wrote questions from the journal sections of Kelly Rae’s book to engage the creative spirit.

When you pick up Taking Flight you’ll find it is full of great techniques, but also journal areas with space to write down thoughts from your own creative journey.  Another reason I love this book is you get to see inspiration in action as Kelly Rae introduces us to an artist and then blends two techniques to create a piece that is both distinctly Kelly Rae’s and a homage to the artist that inspired it.

Which artists inspires you?

Peace In!


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