“I want to leave behind the darkness and soar into the light.
But two horses pull my carriage one is black and one is white.”

~ Two Horses by Jefferson Ross

As a novice filmmaker I find myself overwhelmed with the desire to just go shoot something.  Experience, after all, is the best way to learn anything.

So when a Canon 7D fell into my lap – I took it as a sign to go out and shoot one of the music videos Jefferson has been wanting me to do.

Love this light flare off Jeff’s Guitar.

Jeff’s music is very story driven with lots of imagery written into the lyrics.  For “Two Horses” we talked about presenting a frontal frame that was similar in approach to a house concert, focusing on his guitar playing and setting it against the backdrop of Savannah.

With a crew of one (me), we decided to run around town (total guerrilla style) looking for a few places to run through the shots.

I was looking for a place where I could show man made buildings against the lushness of Savannah squares.  After a couple of false starts I was happy with all our locations, and was thrilled to have a few people stop by and listen.

Life goes on in the background – love it.

Next time I’ll bring at least one other person with me.  I needed help bouncing light into Jeff’s face, especially on the close ups, and I would really like to practice using mirrors to help direct sunlight.  Another thing I missed was paying attention to what was going in in the background.  A few cars came through and I wish I would have shot another take.  Alternatively I really liked the people talking and walking in the background and wish I would have taken even more footage of that.

I’m really happy with the vocal and finger picking sync.  I used the live recording to help sync the sounds with the guitar vocal we recorded on our zoom.

This was another fun few days out with a camera – excited to get out and shoot another one.

Peace in,


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