The mixed media piece really didn’t work out, so I the cover using Photoshop and InDesign.

The first couple of art pieces created an interesting base to work with but Jefferson was lost in the design.

We started the process by printing a flipped version of the photograph with an ink jet printer on a thick (but not cardstock) printing paper.  I trimmed the print and then coated it with matte medium and placed it face down on to the textured paper we were using as the base.  A brayer was used to flatten out the print.  Once it dried, I used water and my fingers to clean away the back of the paper and what was left was a texture print of the original photograph.  As a side note a sepia tone seemed to work a little better than black and white.

Here is the first mock up I did in my art journal.  Jefferson already had his font picked out so I used it to give us an idea of balance.  This is mostly wax colored pencils, heavily glazed paint and light modeling paste was used to give the Spanish moss texture.

Mock Up From My Art Journal

This was the first attempt on the textured paper.  This paper was handmade and had a wonderful skin toned hue.  You’ll notice I forgot to flip the print so the transfer was backwards.  You can’t tell here, but in my haste I forgot to trim the print and that created rough edges on the transfer, but I kind of liked it.

Forgot to flip the print...

This was an interesting attempt.  I did the transfer onto the handmade paper, then coated it with clear gesso to create a gritty texture.  Jefferson, used Marshall oil paints to tint the photograph.  I love the look, but again it just didn’t create the base we envisioned for the cover.


Here is the final piece.  I used a short stroke pastel on canvas filter to give the photograph more of an art feel.

Final Version

This was a fun artistic journey, full of experiments and red wine!  And I loved working on a project with my husband.

For more information on Jefferson Ross, his music and his upcoming release, please check out his website.

Peace In!

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6 Responses to Update On Album Cover For Jefferson Ross

  1. Matthew Rudolph says:

    I love all the songs.

    • Tami says:

      THANKS!!! Bunkie was listening to the radio show and called as soon as he played her song! He’s getting a lot of great comments!

  2. Dave & Mary Ellen says:

    This is beautiful Tami. It’s rich and flowing and evocative and the layers of its creation give it a depth you can’t see but you can really feel. Love the font. Thank you for sharing the process. You are inspiring! Loving the tunes on Jeff’s new record. All the best to both of you.
    xoxo ME & Dave

  3. Tami says:

    Thanks Mary Ellen!!! We love you guys!!!

  4. Roland says:

    Tami — That was awesome! Hope the red wine was good inspiration. :)

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