A Blast From The Past

The last time my mom came to visit she brought a Wonder Woman cake pan.

And not just any cake pan.  This was the very cake pan she used to make my birthday cake a million years ago.  And it came complete with the face and instructions.  Which I love because I’ve never seen my mother actually read instructions.  For anything.

Wonder Woman Cake Pan

Happy 7th Birthday

For her birthday.  Little Rossi wanted me to bake her this cake.

This was not a stretch because when I graduated with my Travel & Tourism I went straight out and got a job… you guessed it… at a bakery.

So I donned on my lucky apron made by the very talented Mrs. Hart and got to work.

Lucky Apron - Wonder Woman Cake

And a few minutes later I realized that in planning for our move to Atlanta, I had already packed the mixer!

No Mixer - Wonder Woman Cake


Luckily I had not packed the wooden spoons.  Nor had I worked out that day.

Honestly I’m a little surprised at how well it turned out, given that I also forgot to grease the pan.

It took a little prayer and a butter knife but it all came out in one piece.

While the cake cooled I made the icing and Peyton tasted it – all 5 colors.  Wilton food color past is still the best for getting these bright colors.

And then it was time to truly play.

Wonder Woman Cake - Getting Started

Back in the day I would have taken a piece of cardboard and cut out the shape of the cake, but for the sake of time and sanity I just covered a cookie sheet in tinfoil.

This is old school decorating.  It is a little time consuming but pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

I outline the areas and then fill them in with the stars.  The trick is to squeeze the icing out to create the star and to let go of the pressure when you lift the tip.  That will give the star a nice shape.

Also you’ll want to alternate rows so the stars in the next line will fill up the spaces from the previous line.

Not in even rows.
* * * * *
* * * * *

More like this.
* * * * *
→* * * * *
* * * * *

Finished Wonder Woman Cake

Peyton loved it.

We shared the evening with our good friends Neil and Shelly Short whom Peyton requested be present for the cake cutting.

Aunt Jaime presided over the events via Skype and Neil played the theme to Wonder Woman as the candles were blown and wishes for cowboy boots fulfilled.

Turning 7 - wonder woman cake

Happy 7th Birthday to our very own Wonder Woman!

The Wonder Woman tradition alive and well in Savannah, GA!


Peace in,


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